New Job

From this April,1. I got a new job. It's a literary new job. 

Marketing is my role in this company.  But I have no experiences about marketing.

what is the marketing ?  I read some books about the marketing before I got this job. I understood the idea of the marketing briefly.

Currently I'm under probation period, but my educator seems very busy.  He couldn't spare me enough time as a training. What should I do? 

Just one month has passed, I read through all documents my boss gave me, But I don't know what to do. I have no idea what to say,

Everything is new to me.   The things is  six-day work week evenif we have nothing to do. That's absord.   What I have to do is think about what I can  provide this company.

One thing for sure is I'm the only one person who can understand English.

Except English copreheshin, I will be useless person. Have to struggle.

keep moving on !