The new era has just started.

The new era has started.




It’s almost over, the holiday season is about to end. 

We have 10days-off  in this golden week from Aplri 27-May 6.


In addition the new imperial era has just started at May 1 2019. It’s called Reiwa.


I was born in 1989. It was the beginning of Heisei era.


So, I’m really happy to straddle the era. 



Holiday season is really happy for everyone.


How many of you had great time with someone you like?



Actually, I had a good time with my friend. We participated in Machikon event.Boys and Girls who have no relationships get together and talk each other. 


This was the first time for me. I had no idea what to say, how to keep conversation going. But everything is fine.


I realized that many young people keep seeking for an ideal person. But what is the definition of ideal partner?


I exchanged contact info with a woman who work for travel agency. She was so pretty girl and she came to this party by herself.

What a brave woman!   I love the attitude they way she has .